What Are Friends For by Jeff Ashbaker

Jeff Ashbaker

Broadjam Artist: Jeff Ashbaker
Song: What Are Friends For

Reviewer: Kate Carpenter

Positive Comments: Here’s a folk/love/friendship song that is sure to strike a chord with nearly every listener. It explores the bright side and the dark side of life, something everyone experiences. The message here is that friendship is valuable and helpful, and a spiritual element seems to be in there as well. The performance is honest and good, with a nice fiddle solo as well as guitar lead. Nice intro, bass and tambourine.

Constructive Comments: Put a little more passion into the performance. Bring up the fiddle in the mix, at least during the solo. Background vocals are good, but again, just a little more oomph in the performance would be great. I’m not sure why “damn it” has to be in there. What does that do for the song? You could as easily use “Darlin'” and wouldn’t offend people like me who can’t stand profanity. I know this is subjective and I’m old school where this is concerned, but that phrase just seemed totally out of character with the other lyrics, especially bright side of heaven.

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