Artist: Tone Love – Song Title: Come On People by Husky Records LLC

Husky Records LLC

Broadjam Artist: Husky Records LLC
Song: Artist: Tone Love – Song Title: Come On People

Reviewer: Kate Carpenter

Positive Comments: This rapper has an important message for his people and I truly hope it is heard and heeded. No more violence! No more knives and killing. I like the message. The cadence and rhymes are tight and the performance is compelling. I can see this being performed in schools, on the streets, in community centers, on basketball courts, in churches. I hope people are listening to your message.

Constructive Comments: I rarely listen to or review rap because I CAN’T STAND profanity, and it seems like most rappers like to include it in their work. I heard the sh word once and a muted f word, so it seems like you were at least trying to restrain yourself a little bit. So thanks, I guess. To me profanity is verbal/sonic litter and nobody can pick it up and throw it away in the right place. There has to be a way to get the message across cleanly.

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