Untold Danger ( instrumental ) by Tristyn Leach

Tristyn Leach

Broadjam Artist: Tristyn Leach
Song: Untold Danger ( instrumental )

Reviewer: Jon Babb

Positive Comments: Very tense and suspenseful. I have to be honest it almost sounds like a trip in a dark fun house. I do love the effects and pulse/gated synths, as it sounds like something I would have heard in a late 90’s scene right before the action starts. It certainly has potential to be used in any number of scenes, but either way this is some good work.

Constructive Comments: I can’t think of much to add. Maybe just keep the drums going a bit longer and have them build up to the ending, but other than that this is a fine job! I love your style — it’s pleasing to the ears.

The Grace of God (instrumental) by Nigel Barrett

Nigel Barrett

Broadjam Artist: Nigel Barrett
Song: The Grace of God (instrumental)

Reviewer: Jon Babb

Positive Comments: Oh man! Here we go again plucking my nostalgic heartstrings, ha. In my opinion, this music alone is better than anything I hear on radio or online. It’s very laid back and it’s something I could find myself listening to for an hour while working on things. This is excellent background music that could certainly work for any number of scenes. Great work on this 90’s/y2k piece!

Constructive Comments: My only suggestion for this piece is to make more of it for me to listen to in the future! :):):)

Hope So by Billy Pilgrim

Billy Pilgrim

Broadjam Artist: Billy Pilgrim
Song: Hope So

Reviewer: Jon Babb

Positive Comments: I think I could hear this in a success story starring an individual overcoming impossible odds. I’m starting to get used to hearing your usual style — a beautiful mix of professional arranging and instrumentation. I truly cannot get enough of your music, and one day I may just review all of your tracks. Your work is simply stunning.

Constructive Comments: I cannot think of anything to add. Again, your work is always great!

Just You and Me by Fred Kimmel

Fred Kimmel

Broadjam Artist: Fred Kimmel
Song: Just You and Me

Reviewer: Jon Babb

Positive Comments: Wonderful recording and arrangement! I have to admit I have never heard such a beautiful lead melody played on the acoustic. This is truly original and unique, so you definitely are of a professional quality. The mixing/mastering is flawless as well, which gives this piece a perfect opportunity to be used by any sort of media. Teach me how to play like this, ha!

Constructive Comments: Absolutely nothing wrong with this track. The only crime would be if you chose not to give me lessons — just kidding 🙂

Rollin’ In Your Arms by Marc S. Pate

Marc S. Pate

Broadjam Artist: Marc S. Pate
Song: Rollin’ In Your Arms

Reviewer: Ober Rivers And His DUI’S

Positive Comments: Really well played jump swing blues in the style of Route 66, super sax solo, solid vocal, great playing all around, clever arrangement. Love it.

Constructive Comments: Really nicely played, no big criticism, sounded a little canned in some regards, a little by the numbers, but really well played, authentic, and professional sounding.

What Are Friends For by Jeff Ashbaker

Jeff Ashbaker

Broadjam Artist: Jeff Ashbaker
Song: What Are Friends For

Reviewer: Kate Carpenter

Positive Comments: Here’s a folk/love/friendship song that is sure to strike a chord with nearly every listener. It explores the bright side and the dark side of life, something everyone experiences. The message here is that friendship is valuable and helpful, and a spiritual element seems to be in there as well. The performance is honest and good, with a nice fiddle solo as well as guitar lead. Nice intro, bass and tambourine.

Constructive Comments: Put a little more passion into the performance. Bring up the fiddle in the mix, at least during the solo. Background vocals are good, but again, just a little more oomph in the performance would be great. I’m not sure why “damn it” has to be in there. What does that do for the song? You could as easily use “Darlin'” and wouldn’t offend people like me who can’t stand profanity. I know this is subjective and I’m old school where this is concerned, but that phrase just seemed totally out of character with the other lyrics, especially bright side of heaven.

Silhouette by FRED GROSS


Broadjam Artist: FRED GROSS
Song: Silhouette

Reviewer: Kate Carpenter

Positive Comments: What’s not to like about this bluesy instrumental? It’s sort of jammy….but seems pretty well thought out. Instrumentation is good. Melody is actually quite original for a blues song. There were some pretty good riffs in there. Bass and drums are really consistent.

Constructive Comments: What makes blues “rural”? Just curious. Drums are kind of just in the background didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary there.

U R U by Martie Echito

Martie Echito

Broadjam Artist: Martie Echito
Song: U R U

Reviewer: Kate Carpenter

Positive Comments: What a great message! Every child is unique and wonderful. I love it! Great hook, simple, singable and memorable. Way to go, songwriter. Fantastic work. Nice clean intro, crystal clear performance, excellent instrumentation (love the horn solo), great mix and production. Key change is a nice touch as well. Get out there and sing it for kids, and I also think grownups will love it just as much!

Constructive Comments: Intro could be a tad shorter, but no big deal. The self-harmonies are wonderful, and a female backup would enhance it a bit, but it’s great just the way it is, really. Bravo! Mrs. Kate

Artist: Tone Love – Song Title: Come On People by Husky Records LLC

Husky Records LLC

Broadjam Artist: Husky Records LLC
Song: Artist: Tone Love – Song Title: Come On People

Reviewer: Kate Carpenter

Positive Comments: This rapper has an important message for his people and I truly hope it is heard and heeded. No more violence! No more knives and killing. I like the message. The cadence and rhymes are tight and the performance is compelling. I can see this being performed in schools, on the streets, in community centers, on basketball courts, in churches. I hope people are listening to your message.

Constructive Comments: I rarely listen to or review rap because I CAN’T STAND profanity, and it seems like most rappers like to include it in their work. I heard the sh word once and a muted f word, so it seems like you were at least trying to restrain yourself a little bit. So thanks, I guess. To me profanity is verbal/sonic litter and nobody can pick it up and throw it away in the right place. There has to be a way to get the message across cleanly.