Broadjam Artist: MGB

Reviewer: Anxious Rabbit

Positive Comments: Intriguing – easy listing vibe

Constructive Comments: Had trouble following the lyrics – so, read them – a lot of metaphors and symbolism made it hard to get a complete handle on what the song was actually about – the tempo felt as if it could have been picked up a bit – and mix was imbalanced [ levels seem to be uneven at times ]

The Lights Are Always On In Nashville by Amy Otey

Amy Otey

Broadjam Artist: Amy Otey
Song: The Lights Are Always On In Nashville

Reviewer: Anxious Rabbit

Positive Comments: always good to use a production house when the song calls for it – Good musicianship – nice tempo

Constructive Comments: sorry song sounds a bit dated – not what is currently coming out of Nashville or on the Radio – Market Potential? Yes,..if there is a request for a very specific story line about a young woman trying to make it as a struggling songwriter in Nashville – Always good to, if hoping to place your song, is to hire a pro demo signer and have the song mastered. Keep written.

Head Up High (Barrett/Dunkle) by Randal Dunkle

Randal Dunkle

Broadjam Artist: Randal Dunkle
Song: Head Up High (Barrett/Dunkle)

Reviewer: Anxious Rabbit

Positive Comments: liked the chime sounds and tempo of song and the lyrical idea

Constructive Comments: Hi, if you’re doing this for your own amusement or to share with friends – Great – if you are hoping for something more in the way of commercial success – having the song professionally produced and having a pro vocalist handle the vocals will take this song to a much higher plane than the one it’s currently on. Once that done it may stand a decent chance at qualifying for a sync placement in film – t.v. or ad campaign. Keep writing!