The Lonely Sahara by Mindless Sound Records,LLC

Mindless Sound Records,LLC

Broadjam Artist: Mindless Sound Records,LLC
Song: The Lonely Sahara

Reviewer: Dave Haddad (CenterPeace)

Positive Comments: Very hip and inventive rhythm tracks. Guitar arpeggios are cool. Drum loop is great. Very cool ideas and a fresh sound. Nice blend of sounds and textures. Very creative melodic and rhythmic ideas. I enjoyed this composition.

Constructive Comments: Some little hiccups in the drum track probably do to copying of the loop. If the drums are live then great job on being so consisting with a very difficult groove. Sax has some intonation problems, pitch is very sharp. Yes my only problem is the jsometimes jerkiness of the groove. The loop is cool but sometimes on the cycles it gets a little uneven, only very slightly though.

Sometimes the Night /Jazz by Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Broadjam Artist: Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods
Song: Sometimes the Night /Jazz

Reviewer: Dave Haddad (CenterPeace)

Positive Comments: Nice chill vibe, relaxing. Good for a glass of wine or having dinner. Nice melody and choice of sounds. When the guitar comes in it really brings the song up. Enjoying the harmonies. Then the sax enters, this song keeps gaining momentum. Beautiful performances all around. Very good vibe captured for this tune. I love the guitar lines. Great thought provoking melody with slight introspective and haunting harmony. Then the sax player… wow. The real deal. Best of luck with your talent.

Constructive Comments: This song reminds me of some of the great jazz of the 70s andn80s but not of any one song which is great. So many great things in this song, only wish you went that extra mile and recorded live drums. Upright bass would be amazing too. Felt that maybe the only thing missing or that could have been better is. Stronger bridge. I loved your song!!

Malibu Sunday (#1 New Age Jazz-Media Ver) by Chet Nichols

Chet Nichols

Broadjam Artist: Chet Nichols
Song: Malibu Sunday (#1 New Age Jazz-Media Ver)

Reviewer: Dave Haddad (CenterPeace)

Positive Comments: Very nice and soothing intro. Sounds are all placed very well and complementary. Please take chord structure and sound pallet. Song developers well. Very nice to listen to, I am enjoying every aspect of this song. Very happy and relaxing. Love the choices of percussion. Dynamics are very well implied. Song writer has a keen sense of all instruments, melody, harmony and rhythm. Beautiful composition all the way around, very musically mature sound. Song takes you on a nice journey.

Constructive Comments: Song developed well but kind of slow… two minutes before the melody really kicks in. I wouldn’t change a thing… except maybe the fade… maybe would have been better to break it down toward the end similar to how you built it up in the beginning and then end with a nice stop and sustain. Maybe a wind instrument such as sax would have lifted this to even a higher height.

Visions by Signal 30

Signal 30

Broadjam Artist: Signal 30
Song: Visions

Reviewer: Good Advice

Positive Comments: This song had a lot of good things going for it, but was hurt by some poor editing decisions.

Constructive Comments: You have a song with a 6:34 runtime, with a 1:22 instrumental intro, and 1:34 instrumental exit. When your intro and exit last almost a full 3 minutes there is almost no way to enjoy the song itself. To call it excessive is an understatement. If you cut them both down to 15 or 20 seconds you would have a nice song that runs a little over 4 minutes. You have to edit yourself better then that, and if you thought that was a wise editing choice then you need to be a little less self-indulgent.The effects you added to the vocals did not hide your average singing abilities, they just made your weaknesses as a singer more glaring. It’s rock, you don’t need to be a perfect singer, you have to sing with passion and put yourself into the song. What you tried to do was make yourself sound like something you were not by adding all those effects. The end result was it made you sound like you were singing from 30 feet away from the mic and yelling through a tin can when you did. The number one thing a singer like you needs to learn is what you are and what you aren’t as a singer, and then when adding effects, do things to enhance what you are instead of trying to use effects to produce a sound that you aren’t.This was actually a pretty decent composition, but those two major flaws kept it from being a pretty good song, and instead made it very average.

Cheers! by Teri Feaser

Teri Feaser

Broadjam Artist: Teri Feaser
Song: Cheers!

Reviewer: Good Advice

Positive Comments: This was a really very fun song, great vibe and energy. Well arranged and written.

Constructive Comments: I liked the melody a lot, but was not a huge fan of what I am guessing is an organ. Would love to hear it with that replaced by a banjo or even a harmonica or both. Not that everyone has a banjo and harmonica player lying around on call.I don’t know how you recorded the vocals, but they came through a little “thin” sounding. I am guessing this is because most of the singing was done at a shouting level and to avoid peaking you had to dial the volume back on them which robbed them of some of their life and vitality. So I would recommend reevaluating how you perform and record your vocals.

Samhain by Teri Feaser

Teri Feaser

Broadjam Artist: Teri Feaser
Song: Samhain

Reviewer: Good Advice

Positive Comments: If you strip this song down to just the acoustic guitar and vocals it is not a bad song. But I did not agree with the embellishments, and those embellishments were not electronic enough to make this fit in that genre. delicate drum work would have made a better accompaniment.

Constructive Comments: In what world is this electronic-ambient genre when the lead instrument is an acoustic guitar? I literally spent the whole song wondering why in the world you thought this was electronic music.The whole mix is low and lacking punch and intensity. The whole composition is well balanced with itself, but the mix as a whole is very low and probably missing target levels by at least 3 if not 6 decibels.

Promises2Funk (Solo Acoustic Guitar) by SPG~Man


Broadjam Artist: SPG~Man
Song: Promises2Funk (Solo Acoustic Guitar)

Reviewer: Good Advice

Positive Comments: Are you kidding me here? Seriously, was this a joke? And do you have any idea why I ask that? For three weeks I have been skipping this same exact song in my random reviews. Oh wait it wasn’t the exact same song it was on the piano and listed as unique-soundtracks. So what is going on here? Are you ripping someone else off, or is someone else ripping you off? Or are you playing the same song more then once? Seriously?

Constructive Comments: I thought the guitar playing got sloppy at times. Thought it was overly repetitive given the length of the song. And the drumstick hits on the edge of the drum was a garish sound.