Good-bye Baby- Remerge Band Tia Green & Melody Stuart by Remerge Band – The Melody Stuart Project

Remerge Band - The Melody Stuart Project

Broadjam Artist: Remerge Band – The Melody Stuart Project
Song: Good-bye Baby- Remerge Band Tia Green & Melody Stuart

Reviewer: Patrick E. Muth

Positive Comments: nice easy and laid back works for me on this one. like the tone of the lady as well, tasty guitar

Constructive Comments: nice mix on this tune, good use of background vocals. it needs another verse, the killer verse, usually the second, should be the matter of the song and it is absent, but can still be added to make this good song even better.good luck Catnip

Swamp Water Stomp / Blues Rock by Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Broadjam Artist: Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods
Song: Swamp Water Stomp / Blues Rock

Reviewer: Patrick E. Muth

Positive Comments: i like the start already. nice and simple great sound on the guitar as far as tone.

Constructive Comments: words would be good on this. I do like the rhythm on this one. any kind of voice would do, not even words. you could just hum something (scat) and it would fit perfect.good luck catnip

Raindrops by Marilyn Hall

Marilyn Hall

Broadjam Artist: Marilyn Hall
Song: Raindrops

Reviewer: Keith Taylor

Positive Comments: Very nice song! Very pretty tune and nice story. I really liked it.

Constructive Comments: There is one line “But I remember it today” that seems a little rushed to fit it in. I think it is just one too many syllables. If you agree you could lose the “But” or change “Remember” to “Recall”. This is a pretty picky comment but this song is so good and that was the only thing that stuck out for me.

Micky & Mo (female vocals) by FRED GROSS


Broadjam Artist: FRED GROSS
Song: Micky & Mo (female vocals)

Reviewer: Keith Taylor

Positive Comments: It is a fun song. It reminds me of older country songs and there is nothing wrong that. I liked it.

Constructive Comments: It is fine for the right audience but it is not really inline with the country music of today. Again there is nothing wrong with that if that is what you are going for.

Everybody Got A Story 2 Tell by Produca X

Produca X

Broadjam Artist: Produca X
Song: Everybody Got A Story 2 Tell

Reviewer: Calico King

Positive Comments: So with a blind listen to this track: whether you intended this, I think you might be on to something if you want to pitch this for background music for a reality TV program. The BPM is nice and stable, It has enough bounce, and digital synth noises to blend behind something you’d hear being played on an MTV/BET/CMT type show, which is where the money is. I think the quality of the beat recording is decent, the kicks are nice and low, the snare has pop, and the hi-hats are crisp.

Constructive Comments: If you’re intended purpose for this beat was to pitch it off to a rapper, I think the beat needs a little bit of work. I say that because I took make instrumentals (at least, I try to) and I wouldn’t want to get insincere advice so I won’t give it. The main hang up I have with the beat is the redundancy. You have one bar of a drum loop with a couple fills, one low synth bass line, a very rudimentary synth mid pitch arpeggiated synth, another simple higher pitched synth that comes in and out a few times, and then those swoosh sound effects peppered in . It sits in e-minor for the entire 3 minutes, and because the only changes up are essentially when you hit the kill switch on a track, it affects the structure/organization of the track if you wanted to pitch this to a rapper. The synth licks/drum loop you have on here isn’t bad, it’s just not enough to call it complete. There’s nothing to differentiate sections, and it’s not even clear when the hook is and when the verse is, and though catchy, it’s not catchy enough for 3 whole minutes. There is a lot of things you could do with this (some quick fixes, some larger structural changes) to make it more unique, and much more dope. You could use all these parts you have here for the verses, but i wouldn’t even do it twice with out layering another track on for the second verse. Don’t be afraid to try out some other instruments/drumlines. Again, take this with a grain of salt, but as i’ve started to learn how to make beats, I like to break up the beats in to a few sections. I’ll devote 4-12 measure for an intro section, a section for a verse 1, a hook that has a distinctly different melody line or even a chord change- then repeat section for verse 2 (but a lot of times with added layers or drum switch ups to make it funky, give each verse a uniform, but let them have their own identity) hook repeat, then i’m a big fan of a break down, or “Crescendo” where the beat either has a switch up, a drop, time change, new instruments or samples, sometimes a chord change. then I resolve back into the hook, and put an outro on there. This beat has bounce, but it could use more involved drums, more defined melodies, and some switch ups. It’s not only because I like my beats with some flavor, but imagine your beat was being bought by 2-3 rappers, or a rapper and a singer for the hook: If you give them essentially the same back drop, it will be hard for the artist(s) to really through expression on to the same loop because it’s not moving or evolving. Put changes/alterations/distinctions in it not just for the sake of making your productions more dynamic, but to facilitate any future collaborator’s own swagger and distinction. If you are running low on samples take a look at – killer selection of packs on sound packs. I’d also lose a lot of those whoosh and high pitched fx noises that come in and out. But to end on a good note, I think if you chopped length down to about 45-55 seconds and added some sort of flair on to what you have, you’d have something to market for ad cues. Keep it up the good work!

THE WAY LIFE GOES by Charlie Shock

Charlie Shock

Broadjam Artist: Charlie Shock

Reviewer: Ross Mabey

Positive Comments: I thought that the storyline in the song left a bit to be desired. It was a bit repetitive and lacked depth and direction.

Constructive Comments: What about telling the story of a lost love and “She left me for another, the one I treated like a brother. But I no longer care, because I’ve found a love that true and rare, that’s way life goes, Yeah, that’s the way life goes”.

Old Friends (Instrumental) by Chet Nichols

Chet Nichols

Broadjam Artist: Chet Nichols
Song: Old Friends (Instrumental)

Reviewer: John Hazlett

Positive Comments: Wow, this is really well done! This could be used for a pop song’s background music. I can hear in my head several different artists singing a variety of different songs with this. Or, it could be used in an opening for some type of program that uses pop instrumentals. Or, a main melody/lyrics line could be added over this track.

Constructive Comments: Well, if it’s to be just an instrumental, none is needed. But if it’s intended to have a melody in it, than if it has one, it seems to disappear. If it has a melody, it needs to be brought out more. It depends on what the intention for this piece.

Apart at the Seams by Chip Salerno

Chip Salerno

Broadjam Artist: Chip Salerno
Song: Apart at the Seams

Reviewer: Nick Kushner

Positive Comments: Love the ominous quality. Then the mood modulates a bit. Good use of complementing tracks. Machine like samples very effective. Becoming more ominous again. Very soundtrack-like. Great job here!

Constructive Comments: A little on the long side, but it does keep the interest.