Sunvalley Rose by Kaye Logan

Kaye Logan

Broadjam Artist: Kaye Logan
Song: Sunvalley Rose

Reviewer: amy abernathy

Positive Comments: It reminded me of the saggy bottom brothers from the movie with george Clooney in it. This had a fun classic country beat and was lots of fun to listen to. It took me back to the country music of the 80’s.i can see it working in the film industry quite nicely.

Constructive Comments: I loved the bango, but it needed a little softening in places. I know when you get it produced it will correct that. Good job.

Lamplight by Powerklash


Broadjam Artist: Powerklash
Song: Lamplight

Reviewer: MGB

Positive Comments: Very good song here. Puts me to mind very much of Badfinger. Great chord progression and although the vocals aren’t fantastic, they grow on me the second and third time I listened. They’re somewhat gritty, and they are all they need to be for a song like this. I simply love the instrumentation here. Great job.

Constructive Comments: I’m assuming this is Powerklash. In all honesty, I don’t think this is your best song, but it is still very good, and I’m in love with your sound. Just a humble opinion from a novice here, but if “Climb” can’t impress anybody important out there, there’s not much hope for rock n roll.

Es Cumbia!…Bailemos! (It’s Cumbia!…Let’s Dance!) by Kirk Cole

Kirk Cole

Broadjam Artist: Kirk Cole
Song: Es Cumbia!…Bailemos! (It’s Cumbia!…Let’s Dance!)

Reviewer: Felice Kaye-Cooper / Songwriter

Positive Comments: Lots of nice Latin Riffs. Good piano work. Makes you want to get up and Mambo. Like it though the arrangement coule have been fuller. Like the Latin Matunas

Constructive Comments: You must be Latin to have the feel for this piece. Enjoyed it and wanted a fuller sound from the other instruments. I would rework it and get it more funky and fuller sounding.