Not Dreaming by Powerklash


Broadjam Artist: Powerklash
Song: Not Dreaming

Reviewer: Kalyx Pistol

Positive Comments: Good work. First thing that comes to mind is Local H, HIM, Soul asylum, (early royal bliss) to name a few. great writing & composition. Lyrics are great. Guitar work is spot on. Keep up the good work. Great drums, the song is very well put-together. great hooks. “you gave all that you could give but the well came up dry”. well thought out stuff.

Constructive Comments: Ummm…?? Im sure any thing we say here is stuff this band already knows. Mixing & mastering stuff mostly. ummm its pretty good. our bass player says more bass, but you know bass players. honestly cant think of a whole lot here. so again great job and looking forward to hearing more. more cow bell? uhhh the snare hits could be a little more present more fatness and crack, could be the head phones we are using. again great job all of you.

be my valentine by lost on foot

lost on foot

Broadjam Artist: lost on foot
Song: be my valentine

Reviewer: Kalyx Pistol

Positive Comments: Candle Box is a well known band that comes to mind,maybe a little tonic, This singers tone is listenable,pretty ok. The riffs are cool. i like the overall Melody. The lyrics, in content are not bad, but maybe rephrasing the ideas here would lead to lyrics that could lend to vocalizations with a tighter beat structure/ iambic pentameter.

Constructive Comments: Open up on the chorus make it bigger vocally and musically. tighten up the hook focus on the catch phrase and really sum up what the song is saying. bass! more bottom end. and the over all guitar tome could be warmer/fatter, but is clear and over all listenable. Wet up the vocals a bit just a little or a lot.

Whatcha Gonna Do (instrumental version) by Nigel Barrett

Nigel Barrett

Broadjam Artist: Nigel Barrett
Song: Whatcha Gonna Do (instrumental version)

Reviewer: DNG Music

Positive Comments: I like the changes in the music and the bass line is dope. It sounds like a key change from hook to verse which is interesting, some great layers to the music itself. I really enjoyed the break down at the end

Constructive Comments: I feel the quality of the sounds chosen make this sound a little cheesy, I think that with some better sound selection you would have a great hit for someone to write to.