Alright by Spider kiting

Spider kiting

Broadjam Artist: Spider kiting
Song: Alright

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: Wilco meets Dinosaur Jr! This is solid college radio material. Good solid groove and a really drum track & sound. Nice jangly guitars and I really like the nice laid back lead work. Very enjoyable tune –nice work!

Constructive Comments: On the verses the bass is reinforcing the 2 chords too much–it’s a really tight little circle, and here if the bass line stays in key but explores major pentatonic lines that keep the groove but open it up the song will breathe more. And as is it’s not pushing enough. I think you’d be amazed how much the bass line could change this tune. The vocals have a charm that a lot of people would like–for me I would want to get away from the falling note cadence at the end of each phrase and the way each phrase is fit into each verse line the same way without a more conversational / loose flow. Know what I mean?

Winter’s Song/with Jack Green Jr. by Felice Kaye-Cooper / Songwriter

Felice Kaye-Cooper / Songwriter

Broadjam Artist: Felice Kaye-Cooper / Songwriter
Song: Winter’s Song/with Jack Green Jr.

Reviewer: Jeff Maguire

Positive Comments: Well written winter , say good-bye song. Well articulated crooning, very suitable for Jazz lounge use in many forums. Maybe in the style of old time guys like Vic Damon or Robert Goulet.

Constructive Comments: No real issues, the lyrics are focused and well written, vocal performance is in style. The instrumentation is weak, strings sound cheap, piano could sound better. Might be worth getting a real pianist to back you up on a real piano in a nicer recording, but it’s a solid tune.

Because I’m Brown by Yung Proof

Yung Proof

Broadjam Artist: Yung Proof
Song: Because I’m Brown

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: Cool intro. The rap has a lot of strength in the rhymes, flow and the message. I like “that ain’t right” coming in. There’s real passion here, and it’s an important topic.

Constructive Comments: NWA did this hook. I’m not sure it works–it will turn a lot of people away, and I think the message could be more powerful if you were more subtle–you’ve already got real strength and hook in the lyrics. Gotta be the same person I reviewed last night. Again I think the vocals are too up front and should be doubled to make it less dry and “single voice”. I like the “Snoop” voice that comes in but it’s late in the tune to do that–I’d start incorporating that sooner. The musical bed underneath could be more interesting and have more groove to drive this.

The Third To Know by Bobby Caputo

Bobby Caputo

Broadjam Artist: Bobby Caputo
Song: The Third To Know

Reviewer: Patrick E. Muth/Catnip Pat

Positive Comments: love ballads this artist is a killer! Watch Out Now!

Constructive Comments: jus keep on doin what you been doing!all the best from an old music teacher who learned more from them than they did him!===========================Catnip Pat=========================