Tropicale by Signal 30

Signal 30

Broadjam Artist: Signal 30
Song: Tropicale

Reviewer: SRJ

Positive Comments: I like the latin feel that you bring to this track, hence me describing the track as latin rather than electronic dance. You seem to have introduced several musical elements to this track…

Constructive Comments: Which can result in a track losing form and structure and, for this reason, I don’t feel that it gels musically. Overall, I feel that the track could work in a shopping mall, rather than in a bar/club…

Better Let Me Know by Marilyn Hall

Marilyn Hall

Broadjam Artist: Marilyn Hall
Song: Better Let Me Know

Reviewer: SRJ

Positive Comments: This has a bit a slow beginning, but I can definitely feel the EDM quality to this track once the beat and instruments kick in. The synths work well here.

Constructive Comments: Not really sure that the vocals work in this track – think they need more reverb and panning to fit within the track…?

One More by Veronica Beltran Hintz

Veronica Beltran Hintz

Broadjam Artist: Veronica Beltran Hintz
Song: One More

Reviewer: Randal Dunkle

Positive Comments: I like the way the song starts with the guitar, the lead vocals are really strong reminds me a little of Charlie Daniels.

Constructive Comments: Very good Country song, I think the only thing that I would do different is add some drums and a bass guitar – best wishes!

I Can’t Complain by Sixty Miles Down

Sixty Miles Down

Broadjam Artist: Sixty Miles Down
Song: I Can’t Complain

Reviewer: Signal 30

Positive Comments: Great vocals and great harmonies. This song really dynamic. The guitar tone is really hot sounding, the rhythm and lead. The changes are great. The recording is good. I like the stops. The arrangement is very good!

Constructive Comments: I like just like it is!!!

Who’s Gonna Turn On A Light by George Michael John

George Michael John

Broadjam Artist: George Michael John
Song: Who’s Gonna Turn On A Light

Reviewer: Signal 30

Positive Comments: This song is really neat!! The guitars have a really nice tone. Nice lead playing. The vocal is really good. This song also has a nice arrangement. The recording is well done. The lyrics are very good. The changes are great!!!

Constructive Comments: This is a great song I really enjoyed listening to it. The only thing I would suggest is add something to the end so it’s not so abrupt. Great tune though. Make us some more!!!

ESPN GIRL by Mark S. Ludes (MSL)

Mark S. Ludes (MSL)

Broadjam Artist: Mark S. Ludes (MSL)

Reviewer: Signal 30

Positive Comments: I really like the beat of this. This has a nice modern blues sound. The vocals are great. The harmonies are very good. The arrangement is really good. The recording is well done also. The into is really good. I like the whole thing!!!

Constructive Comments: I really like this. I can see no need to change anything!!!

Popcorn Sutton’s Disaster Relief Fund by Chris Ford

Chris Ford

Broadjam Artist: Chris Ford
Song: Popcorn Sutton’s Disaster Relief Fund

Reviewer: Signal 30

Positive Comments: The story behind this song is really neat! The harmonica is really good. The guitar is neat too. The vocal is very good. The band sounds really tight. I liked it a lot. A really fun song. Hope you get out of prison!!!

Constructive Comments: I can see no need to change anything!!!

Above the Below by Kevin Leon Smith

Kevin Leon Smith

Broadjam Artist: Kevin Leon Smith
Song: Above the Below

Reviewer: Signal 30

Positive Comments: This is very unique!! I like it. The choice of sounds is intriguing. This song would go great in a movie!!!

Constructive Comments: I like the whole thing. The only suggestion I have is at the end stop on some that repeats and fades. Other than that keep up the good work!!!