Dumb Quack Guitars (final) by Warren Hein

Warren Hein

Broadjam Artist: Warren Hein
Song: Dumb Quack Guitars (final)

Reviewer: Kate Carpenter

Positive Comments: This is a cool and different instrumental track. Guitars are played with gusto. This song kind of hits you in the face at the beginning and builds nicely. The bass player really knows what he’s doing. That bottom end just grooves right on through the whole piece.

Constructive Comments: I found the guitars a little too brash on my ears. But it’s a fun piece to listen to, really. Quite different and creative.

A Simple Slip / R&B by Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Broadjam Artist: Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods
Song: A Simple Slip / R&B

Reviewer: Kate Carpenter

Positive Comments: What a sweet instrumental! So pleasant to listen to. It has an air of innocence to it. Beautiful, memorable melody and hook. It flows beautifully. Nice sounding guitar. Wish I could play like that!

Constructive Comments: Recording has noticeable background noise. Maybe it is a home recording and this is the best you could do with the gear you have. There are a few guitar blip/mistakes (understandable, since it’s probably not professionally edited.) That being said, I think it’s pretty enough to bear some better treatment if you have a mind to and can afford it. It is just a really pretty piece! But if you just only wrote it for your own pleasure and want to keep it that way, so be it. Why spend the money? I just want you to know how beautiful this composition is!

Worn Out Working 2 by Massa


Broadjam Artist: Massa
Song: Worn Out Working 2

Reviewer: Kate Carpenter

Positive Comments: Man, I love this song! It’s a workin’ man’s song. It’s a real song. It’s an amazing song that tells a story of a hard working man who gazes up on that mansion on the hill and rants at the guy who had it handed to him on a silver platter. The lyrics are cleverly crafted, original and raw. So easy to relate to! I love the simple intro, then it blasts into full instrumentation and kicks back to that sweet guitar at the end. The harp is to die for. Instrumentation, production, mix – all stellar. I love the part about the senator, the tax loophole and the bigger barn, a biblical allusion. I love the part about the family and sleeping well at night. It’s all pretty darn amazing and it ought to be on a top ten list if it isn’t already. Bravo!

Constructive Comments: No suggestions for improvement, but I hope you make enough on Pandora listens to take your wife out to lunch at Panera every now and then.

Feel For Whitney by Nigel Barrett

Nigel Barrett

Broadjam Artist: Nigel Barrett
Song: Feel For Whitney

Reviewer: Jeff Maguire

Positive Comments: Very melodic R&B style instrumental with an 80’s synth /funk/ pop vibe, similar to a lot of tv themes fro that period. Well performed and constructed.

Constructive Comments: Nice theme, personally I’d simplify the arrangement a bit, edit it down to maybe two or at most three related and specific themes and give it a bit more of a traditional structure. As in verse, verse, chorus, refrain, kind of thing. The sound of the lead instrument probably can be better, it sounds pretty cheesy, and in general I’d suggest better samples as the next evolutionary stage in production.